Ep. 123: Sexual Health: Everything Men Should Know But Don't Ask

Curious about male sexual health and performance but unsure where to start? Dive into this comprehensive episode of Dr. Sex Fairy where we explore everything from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) to penis implants to the connection between ED and heart disease. Discover the answers to pressing questions like: What exactly is ED and how prevalent is it? What are the leading causes of and effective treatments for ED? How do ED and premature ejaculation differ? Are Viagra or Cialis right for you? What risks do ED medications pose, including the condition known as Priapism? Plus, we tackle the sensitive topics of prostate cancer and various options for enhancing penis size.

Join me and my guest urologist Dr. Bradley Garden, as we unpack these topics and more. Whether you are seeking knowledge for your personal health or are simply curious about these common yet often misunderstood issues, this episode is your guide to the essential aspects of male sexual health. Tune in to gain the knowledge you need to take control of your health and understand the vital signs below the belt.