Ep. 117: Kink, Fetish & Forbidden Pleasure

On today’s episode of Dr. Sex Fairy we are spicing things up with a quick and saucy dive into the world of kink and fetish. We will unravel the tangled web of desire, distinguishing between kinks and fetishes. Did you know a foot fetish is more common than you think, and that BDSM is a hit in not just the US but also in other countries?

We are exploring the what, why, and where of the most intriguing sexual desires, from the allure of latex to the thrill of group sex. Whether you are curious, experienced, or just looking for a fun listen, this episode is your ticket to understanding the kaleidoscope of human pleasure and desire. Tune in as we spill the tea, and add a little extra spice to your day with “Dr. Sex Fairy.”

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