Ep. 109: How Sex Can Cause Cancer: What You Must Know About HPV

Here are 3 facts you should know: 1) Sex can cause cancer. 2) 8 out of 10 people will contract some form of HPV in their lifetime. 3) According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), HPV is thought to be responsible for more than 90% of anal and cervical cancers, about 70% of vaginal and vulvar cancers, and 60% of penile cancers.

Now what?!

I am honored to have Dr. Patrick Kenney, Vice Chair of Infectious Diseases at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, as my special guest on this episode. Dr. Kenney brings his extensive knowledge and expertise to shed light on how HPV, commonly transmitted through sexual contact or even sex toys, can lead to cancers including but not limited to throat (oropharyngeal) cancer, cervical cancer, penile cancer, vaginal cancer, vulvar cancer and anal cancer. January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month so this is an important discussion to begin the year with.

This episode offers an in-depth look at how you can get a sexually transmitted infection like HPV, how it can cause cancer, and the latest in diagnosis and treatment options. We also explore the preventive measures, including vaccination and safe sex practices, to reduce the risk of HPV and HPV-related cancers.

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