Ep. 103: Why No Nut November Is A Nutty Concept

On this episode we are discussing No Nut November and why it is a nutty concept. It is an annual event that occurs every November. Men are told that they cannot ejaculate for 30 days. Since ejaculation is referred to as “busting a nut,” this 30-day period of no ejaculation is called No Nut November. The trend began in 2011 on online forums such as Reddit, and has since exploded. The basic idea behind this is semen retention, and that idea goes back thousands of years. YouTube videos and other social media outlets talk about this originating with Taoism in China but it actually goes back further.

Coming back to No Nut November, the perceived benefits of not ejaculating or orgasming include improved semen quality, increased testosterone, increased self-confidence, increased mental clarity and focus, increased energy and/ or physical strength and even increased self-control But are these really the case? Joining me today to discuss this nutty concept are my friends Tiffany and Mia, hosts of the Crazy, Rich Neighbors Podcast.

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